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The Type 2 Solution

Ready to heal from Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes affects more than 35 million Americans with an additional 1.5 million diagnosed every year. Your doctor will tell you that type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease that gets worse over time, but is this true?  The short answer is... Not if you change how you eat.


We are committed to helping you take back control of your own health. We believe, with the right knowledge, you have the power to heal yourself from type 2 diabetes. We help take all the guess work out of the healing process. This gives you the best opportunity to heal, in the shortest amount of time possible. We work with you, supporting you the entire time. 

We teach you proven techniques that help you change your life. We teach in such a way that is practical, easy, and sustainable. Again, supporting you the entire time.

When you go to the doctor, they give you medication to treat a symptom, but never actually address the cause of the problem. We are NOT doctors and will NOT be giving you drugs to mask your symptoms. We are certified nutrition experts who have the ability to fill in where the doctors lack in nutrition training. What we will do is educate you about the actual cause, how to address the cause not just the symptoms, and coach you to make positive changes in your health. We encourage you to continue with regular doctor visits in order to confirm your positive health progression. 


How will you know your changes are making a difference?  Your doctor will do a simple A1C blood test. The A1C test will give you a picture of your average blood sugar levels over the past 3 months. An A1C of less than 5.7 is ideal. This is the number we will gauge your progress on.

There is plenty of research and science behind what we do, but you don't need to understand it all. Our coaching is designed to keep things simple. We understand the more complex a coaching program is, the less people will follow or understand it. But if you are someone who loves the "geeky" details, we'd love to share them with you. 

Why is coaching the most effective way to deal with type 2 diabetes? Everyone is slightly different so coaching is specifically tailored to you and your needs. By individualizing what works for you, you have the best opportunity to make positive changes quickly and without any guess work.

We welcome you and look forward to coaching you out of type 2 diabetes and into health.

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