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Learn to create and cook delicious, healthy, ketogenic meals in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Who is this class is for? Anyone who is...
New to cooking in general.
New to ketogenic cooking.
Ketogenic beginners who don't know where to start.
New or intermediate cooks who need new ideas.
New or intermediate cooks who want to sharpen your ketogenic edge.
Anyone who wants to learn to create and cook ketogenic meals.

Classes are fun, live, in-person, at your pace and can touch on several topics from food prep, ingredients and spices, to nutrition, cookware and cooking methods. Each class is tailored to meet whatever your individual needs are. No two classes are the same.

Classes are local to Orange County and Southern LA Counties such as Cerritos and Long Beach CA and run approx. 1 hour. No limit of guests you can invite. Your kitchen, your cookware, your ingredients, your foods all brought together with Keto Grub's Simple Keto™ rules and cooking technique. Specific meal arrangements will be discussed and shopping recommendations will be sent to you before each class.

Keto Cooking Classes

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