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8 Week Fat Burn Keto Program. 

This program is designed for the beginner who's never done keto or has limited knowledge of how and why it works. This program simplifies all the details into an easy to follow, laid out plan. It eliminates the hassle of counting calories or macros and focuses on solutions and geting you results without needing to know all the intricate details. Want the advanced keto plan? Just ask. We've got you covered!

The program includes our unique Simple Keto™ nutrition plan with menu, grocery list, accountability meetings, and homework assignments which include exercises and written Q&As.

Weekly outdoor workouts are Mon, Wed and Fri at 6:PM in the city of Cypress, CA. Best of all you work directly with Brad Cline, CPT. so all your questions are answered and concerns eliminated.

Please download and complete "Release of Liability" and bring with you to your first session. 

New attendees start every Monday (except for holidays). Once signed up, we will contact you to set up your first session/start date. Start day will be within 7days of program payment.

8 Week Bootcamp with Simple Keto™

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