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The man behind project Keto Grub...

Brad is a certified personal trainer, certified nutrition coach, diabetic care and education specialist, researcher, and creative meal designer. 

Brad's lifelong passion for fitness led him to search out dietary solutions for himself and clients over the past 25 years. He was first introduced to the ketogenic diet over 23 years ago by the late Dan Duchaine, author of Underground Body Opus: Militant Weight Loss & Recomposition.  Back then the ketogenic diet was crude and primitive to say the least. Unhealthy foods and unhealthy fats were the staple of the diet. Presently the ketogenic diet is one of the most popular ways of eating. The diet has been completely refined with current science to include healthy food choices and heart healthy fats making it one of the healthiest, cleanest and most sustainable ways of eating. 

Brad is passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals. He realized years ago that if a person is going to succeed with their fitness goals then nutrition needed to be the main focus, exercise being a close second.

"The majority of people don't fail in the gym, they fail in the kitchen. If their nutrition isn't right, progress is non-existent or slow at best. You can't out exercise a bad diet." _Brad Cline

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